Welcome to Long Island History

Welcome to Long Island History, a program created by the students of Bethpage High School. This program was created by the Advanced Placement American History class of 1994. Students worked in cooperative groups to research the history of their surroundings. They visited several libraries and museums during the course of their research. The result was an impressive CD-ROM created using Macromedia Director that we have used in the Bethpage elementary schools. For publishing purposes we have now converted the program for the World Wide Web so it may be seen by a larger audience. We are grateful to the Cablevision Systems Corporation for hosting our product and we hope students will use it to further their understanding of their own community. For comments or questions, please feel free to contact Terry Clark at tclarkbhs@yahoo.com. Sincere thanks to the Bethpage High School Class of 1995 for all their hard work and dedication on this project.

Colonial Times

American Revolution

Native Americans

Aviation and Space

Fishing and Whaling

Science and Technology

Bethpage History

Gold Coast



Robert Moses


Natural History

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